ConsoleNinjas 75 - You've got to fall a titan or two, boys

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  • Song Name: ConsoleNinjas Podcast 75
  • Artist: Jayce Stokes, Willie Thomson
  • Year: 2017

Welcome, sexy listeners, to another beautifully crafted episode (read: hastily cobbled together).

We are hitting you with the new format this time out.

First up, the meat of the show this time is our thoughts on Titanfall 2. As big fans of the original, this has a lot to live up to!

Next we let you know what mobile games are keeping us on the throne for hours on end. Mobile game fans rejoice!

Finally we will answer all the submitted questions from your good selves, including a step back into the history of our gruesome twosome!

We hope you enjoy it, but why not let us know?

Your feedback helps us improve. Send all your thoughts and questions to the usual places;

@Console_Ninjas on Twitter, for the emails