Bots vs Ninjas Round 2

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  • Song Name: Bots vs ninjas 2_final
  • Artist: ConsoleNinjas & The AIBots
  • Album: Bots vs Ninjas
  • Year: 2012

And so we meet again, this time at the Eurogamer Expo 2012.
Recorded over four days at the UK's largest gaming event, The AI Bots and Console Ninjas collude once more to discuss our highlights of the show.
No time-travelling shenanigans this time, just pure chat about some of the best upcoming games! From the epic mega-bucks blockbusters to some little-known indie wonders, we played the full spectrum (well, Jayce TRIED playing a spectrum but the keys were all muddled up!)

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"Rare Breed" by Porchy
"Chipstep (update)" and "20 Hours/Complextro WIP 6" by DJ Jack
Twitter: @Porchy01