ConsoleNinjas 10 - What happens at expo stays at expo

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  • Song Name: ConsoleNinjas EP10
  • Artist: Jayce Stokes, Willie Thomson
  • Year: 2012

Join the ConsoleNinjas as they discuss the events of Eurogamer 2012, aswell as whats been going on since then.

Discussed this week:

Anodia (iOS)
Slenderman (iOS)
Looper (movie)
Peggle (for the last time i promise!)
Borderlands 2

Plus our impressions on the best and most surprising games at Eurogamer.

There's even a bit of news!!

As always get in touch on Twitter @Console_Ninjas

Break Music this week is "Gameboy Love" by Buskerdroid

Gameboy Love (Buskerdroid) / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0