ConsoleNinjas 11 - All your Indie games are belong to us

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  • Song Name: ConsoleNinjas Episode 11
  • Artist: Jayce Stokes, Willie Thomson
  • Year: 2012

Join the ConsoleNinjas once again, for another action packed show!

This week we discuss;

FIFA 13 (feel free to skip)
Borderlands 1&2
Fear 2
Carmageddon (iOS)
Civilisation 5

Will talks films with The Campaign and Paranormal Activity 4

After the break, hear us discuss indie games with some great interviews and chat about Buddha Finger, Cubes and Indie Game the Movie.

PLUS... We find out the winner of the Ninja Diving challenge!!

As always, find us on Twitter @Console_Ninjas and on facebook search for Console Ninjas

Break music this week is "Prism Stars" by Derris Kharlan
Prism Stars (Derris-Kharlan) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0