Bots vs Ninjas Round 1

The long-awaited collaboration between The AI Bots and Console Ninjas has landed!
But is this Episode 1 or Episode 100?! LIsten and it will all make sense.
Well, some of it will make sense,at least!

To cut a long story short, we attempted a live record with the four of us in a hotel room at GPLEX 2012 in Birmingham. However, we didn’t know until afterwards that the recording would be marred by hisses, crackles,audio drop-outs, fluctuating levels and this annoying high-pitched whining sound...
So we had to think outside of the box to salvage what we could from the files we had!

Hence this surreal madness :D

Recorded at GPLEX Birmingham 2012 and GPLEX Las Vegas 2022.

Hosted by:
The AI Bots - Chazzee and Dan
The Console Ninjas - Jayce and Will

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Clouds Float On Forever by Whispered Silent and Snowflakes by Akko are used under a Creative Commons license.
Rare Breed by Porchy and 20 Hours by DJ Jack are used with kind permission from the artists.
Excerpt from Mark I from the Iron Man OST is used for parody purposes. Copyright for each track belongs to its respective rights holder.
Twitter: @Porchy01
Twitter: @DJJackItaly