YOS2016 Episode 13 - We made it!

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  • Song Name: YOS2016ep13
  • Artist: Jayce Stokes, Neale Jarrett, Matt Spink, Adrian Garlike
  • Album: YOSChallenge4
  • Year: 2017

Welcome, treasured listener, to the grand finale! La piece de resistance! The final Hurrah!

You've accompanied us on the journey, now hear us crow about how enormous our collective members are for one last time.

What are our post-challenge feelings?

How did we spend the first few hours of freedom?

Did any of us crack at the final hurdle?

Whatever could be in the post-show bit after the music?

Stop reading this and press play, so you can find out!

Send any final feedback to the usual places @YOSChallenge4 or email yoschallenge4@gmail.com